AARHUS TECH is an independent institution with a board. The school is associated with the local business community and the field of industry which the school covers. Employer and employee representatives are equally represented in the board.

Welcome to AARHUS TECH

We are living in a globalised world, and a lot of our students will work with colleagues or have customers from other parts of the world. Some might even wish to work abroad themselves. This is why we prepare our students for a global future.


All education programmes of AARHUS TECH aim at developing the international competence of the students. This is done in different ways depending on the education, the sector and our international contacts. For example, we take part in a number of EU and Nordic mobility and partnership programmes and cooperate with employers on work placement of our students in companies abroad.

Futhermore, our international consulting department offers VET expertise to donor-funded education projects all over the world.

At AARHUS TECH we are always looking for new learning opportunities for students and staff. Please contact us if you are interested in cooperating with us on educational development projects, work placement, student and staff mobility, or international technical assistance.

Annette E. Lauridsen
Managing Director


VIA University College, AARHUS TECH

VIA University College offers a wide range of educational programmes in areas, such as health, social education, technology, trade, design, business and animation. As Denmark's largest university of applied sciences, we strive to be a leading educational institution - in Denmark and internationally. 

AARHUS TECH International

AARHUS TECH International offers consulting services and technical assistance to public and private sector organisations in developing countries and economies in transition, mainly in the field of education.

Vocational Education and Training

VET-International AARHUS TECH

Information to employers and colleges abroad about international activities for staff and students at AARHUS TECH.

Jobs in AARHUS TECH International



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