Quality assurance

The focus of quality assurance at AARHUS TECH is to improve our core services, i.e. training and education. We believe that there is always room for improvement.

The most important quality parameters are:

  • Completion/dropout rates, measured by means of statistics;
  • Student participation rates, measured by absence statistics;
  • Students' performance, measured by the marks given to students;
  • Student satisfaction, measured by annual student satisfaction reports based on systematic evaluations throughout the year. The results are used for benchmarking with other colleges.

A prize is awarded to the teaching team with the highest score in the annual satisfaction report.

To follow up on results achieved, all teams of teachers hold 4 - 10 short evaluation meetings per year. Once a year, a more comprehensive self-evaluation meeting is held, where the teams discuss the results achieved and prepare an action plan for quality
improvement, which is posted on the college website.

Furthermore, annual staff satisfaction surveys are conducted, and focus group interviews are held with selected companies. The local training committees also play an important part in assuring the satisfaction of the local labour market.

The quality parameters form part of the performance based pay contracts of the college managers.

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