The international references of AARHUS TECH are listed below. 

EU, Northern Part of Cyprus
Nov 2015 - Nov 2018, "Technical assistance to support the development of lifelong learning, vocational education and training and active labour market measures". The purpose of this contract is to provide technical assistance services in the field of VET strategy and qualification framework, apprenticeship training system, data collection and information management system, lifelong learning, employment services and active labour market measures through an active social dialogue leading to an efficient and effective VET system able to provide adequately trained labour force that meets the needs of the economy.
Lead partner: sequagGmbH

MCA, Georgia
Sept 2014 - March 2017 (with possible extension until March 2019), "Industry-led Skills and Workforce Development Project Manager". The activities under this project are designed to: 1) run a competitive process to solicit and fund innovative, industry-driven proposals from Georgian TVET providers for establishing new or expanding/improving existing training programmes, to meet industry needs; 2) strengthen TVET provider practice by identifying, strengthening, documenting, disseminating, and promoting uptake of best practices across the sector; 3) strengthen national policy with respect to industry engagement in the Georgian TVET sector; 4) develop and host an annual TVET conference. AARHUS TECH provides a Capacity Building and Teacher Training Expert responsible for developing and implementing capacity building programmes for teachers and other TVET staff.
Lead partner: PEM GmbH

Asian Development Bank, Myanmar
June 2015 - May 2016, "Skills Development for Inclusive Growth". AARHUS TECH provided the Skills Development Expert/Team Leader with responsibility for preparing work plans, managing consultant input, and reporting, as well as supporting key government agencies and schools in the piloting of short modular competency-based courses by e.g. capacity assessment and development, assessment of needs for equipment, support to the development of curricula and assessment frameworks, development of strategies and approaches for local skills needs assessments and employer outreach and for ensuring equitable access and outcomes.

World Bank, Ethiopia
May 2014 - May 2016, "Consulting Services for Curriculum and Module Development & ToT Training" (part of the Women Entrepreneurship Development Project). AARHUS TECH provided two TVET Institutional Development Experts (a total of 135 days) who carried out institutional assessment and developed and implemented capacity building programme for staff of TVET colleges and other key institutions delivering services to women entrepreneurs.
Lead partner: Transtec

ILO, Switzerland
December 2013. "Sub-regional Workshop on Apprenticeship Systems in Europe". Participation in World Café discussions on apprenticeship. Presentation of Danish Apprenticeship system in VET.

Asian Development Bank, Myanmar
May 2013 - October 2014. "Support for Education Sector Planning". AARHUS TECH provided the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Programs Expert with the task of carrying out an in-depth analysis of TVET, with focus on existing and potential TVET programme delivery, including access, quality and relevance.

EU Twinning, Ukraine
January 3013 - April 2015. "Modernisation of legislative standards and principles of Education and Training in line with the EU Policy in Lifelong Learning". AARHUS TECH was responsible for components 1, Review of Ukrainian legislation and development of recommendations for its improvement based on EU policy and experience in LLL, and 2, Development and implementation of scheme and criteria for VET quality assurance.
Lead partner: Metropolitan University College, Denmark

Asian Development Bank, Myanmar
Oct. 2012 - January 2013. "Implementing the Greater Mekong Subregion Human Resource Development Strategic Framework and Action Plan". AARHUS TECH provided the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Service Delivery Specialist, whose tasks included reviewing public and private TVET providers, student enrolment, facilities, financing arrangements, teacher qualifications, quality assurance and accreditation systems, curricula, teaching and learning approaches, etc., reporting on the results and preparing recommendations for further action.

SIDA, Tanzania
July - August 2012. "Preparing a proposal for vocational training concerning heavy duty construction equipment and vehicles in Tanzania". Preparation of proposal for a public-private partnership on the training of truck mechanics in close cooperation with employers, VET schools and teacher training college. AARHUS TECH provided two experts.
Lead partner: Hifab International AB

November 2011 - June 2012. Consulting services to Ministry of Labour and Human Resources. AARHUS TECH provided three consultants who carried out assessment of training needs, development of modular training programme for VET master trainers, and delivery of the programme, support to the establishment of a Technical Teacher Training Centre, delivery of skills upgrading courses in two sectors, and review of equipment available for training including recommendations for procurement.

MCA, Namibia
January 2012 - May 2014. " Developing and Implementing a Strategic Plan for the Community Skills Development Foundation (COSDEF) ". The project was composed of the following 4 tasks: 1) Strategic Planning for the COSDEF, SME Centres and COSDECs; 2) Operational Management Structure for the Foundation, COSDECs and SME Centres; 3) Enhancement of Training Support Systems; and 4) Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. AARHUS TECH provided one of two Key Experts.
Lead partner: Transtec

MCA, Mongolia
December 2011 - July 2013. "Implementation of a Competency-Based System in Mongolia: Professional Development Training for Administrators, Instructors and Teachers". Objectives: Provision of in-service programme for teachers and administrators on CBT application, using blended approaches, development of pre-service teacher training programme and establishment of a National Learning Resource Centre and 6 regional centres. AARHUS TECH provided the team leader.
Lead partner: GOPA

EU IPA, Bosnia and Herzegovina
December 2011 - April 2012. "Development of Standards and Criteria for a School Infrastructure Project". The specific objective of this framework contract was to contribute to improvement of quality of education and training in Bosnia and Herzegovina demanded by modern learning processes and standards and by the new knowledge-based society through development of a model of "child-friendly school" and its implementation in practice. AARHUS TECH provided one expert in education reform, social inclusion/inclusive education and human rights in education.
Lead partner: CfBT Education Trust

EU IPA, Serbia
Sept 2011 - Aug 2013. "VET support for Serbian Detention facilities". The overall objective was to improve the employability of adults serving a prison sentence, thereby facilitating their re-socialisation after release by assisting the Ministry of Justice in the establishment of a sustainable and productive system of vocational and educational training (VET) in prisons. AARHUS TECH provided the key training expert.
Lead partner: HD-ECG

VELUX Foundation. Hungary
June 2011. Assessment of vocational education and training institution, situated in the Békés County, in relation to application for support from the VELUX Foundation to the refurbishment of workshops and buildings. Findings presented in written report.

Spring 2011 - summer 2013. "Long Term Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Reform Implementation Consultancy". The objective of the assignment was to guide and assist the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources on the successful implementation of TVET reform in Bhutan. AARHUS TECH was sole consultant.

EU IPA. Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jan 2011 - March 2013. "EU support to vocational education and training in Bosnia and Herzegovina IV". AARHUS TECH was lead partner of the project, whose purpose was to support institutional and capacity building in the vocational education system in BiH in line with the Copenhagen Declaration through the further development of National Qualifications Framework and support implementation of the Framework Law on Vocational Education and Training in BiH.

Danida Fellowship Programme
December 2010. Development and delivery of Workshop 3, Training Needs Assessment and Curriculum Development" in the course "Capacity Development, Adult Education and Training Delivery" for human resource managers from the public and private sectors and key staff of training institutions in countries receiving Danida assistance.

Asian Development Bank. Indonesia
June 2010 - March 2011. PPTA "Polytechnic Development Project". Support to the Directorate General of Higher Education (DGHE) and TVET stakeholders in designing loan project for ADB financing that will enhance the quality and relevance of the polytechnic system and produce graduates with skills relevant for the labour market. AARHUS TECH supplied TVET Program Specialist and TVET Teacher and Management Development Specialist for a total of 8.5 man-months.
Lead partner: Cambridge Education

Study visit from Turkey
January 2010. 4-day study tour targeting 21 officials from The Council of Higher Education (CoHE) and The Ministry of National Education (MoNE). Focus was on the provision of tertiary VET in relation to areas like university-industry relationship, CBT delivery and quality assurance.

EU IPA. Croatia
Jan 2010 - Sept 2011. "Access to Education for Students with Disabilities". Development of essential building blocks for innovative mechanisms at national and regional level that enable access of students with disabilities into the VET system and to the labour market. AARHUS TECH provided the key expert in VET teacher training.
Lead partner: GET GmbH

Danida Fellowship Programme
March and Sept/Oct 2010. Two three-week courses entitled "Social Partnership for Business Development" for participants from countries receiving support from Danida. The courses were part of the Danida Fellowship Centre course programme targeting the private sector in developing countries.

EU IPA. Kosovo
September 2009 - August 2011. "Development of Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Development of NQA & NQF". The project supported the development of the system of quality assurance, accreditation and qualifications, particularly in VET. It supported the development and capacity building of the Qualifications Authority in Kosovo and the implementation of the National Qualifications Framework in compatibility and alignment with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).
Lead partner: PEM GmbH

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Kosovo
May 2009 - December 2009. "Employment Promotion through Business and Skills Development". Support to Ministry of Education and targeted agricultural VET schools to engage in the process of decentralisation and develop self-governance at school level. ATC was sole contractor.

Mixed funding. Kosovo
March 2009. Assessment of labour market needs and recommendations for curricula of the European College of Business Studies & Public Administration to be established in Mitrovica.
Lead partner: SPARK

Danida. Bhutan
January 2009 - mid 2011. "Support to Vocational Education and Training", Component 2 of the Danish Social Sector Support to the Royal Government of Bhutan. Assistance to the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources in achieving the objectives of (i) providing school leavers with better access to high quality VET and (ii) enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of Bhutanese skilled workers through the implementation of Bhutan Vocational Qualification Framework. AARHUS TECH was sole consultant.

Danida. Tanzania
July 2008 - June 2013. "Support to the Association of Tanzanian Employers". The objective is to enhance the capacity of ATE to represent and service employers with a view to improving their competitiveness and human resources management.
Lead partner: COWI A/S

EU Tacis. Azerbaijan
August 2008 - February 2011. "Vocational Education and Training Reform Strategy and Pilot Implementation in a Selected Region in Azerbaijan". The purposes are to improve policy making capacity, strategy and action programme for VET modernisation and develop a replicable model of partnership for delivering competence based VET.
Lead partner: British Council

EU CARDS. Macedonia
March 2008 - February 2010. "TA to the MoES on Lifelong Learning". The overall objective of the project is to improve the quality and effectiveness of the education and training system in Macedonia through a modern system of adult learning in line with the new labour market.
Lead partner: PEM GmbH

EU Phare. Romania
November 2007 - December 2008. "Technical Assistance for Institution Building in the TVET Sector". The overall objective is to contribute to the adjustment and improvement of the VET and higher education sectors through enhanced adaptability and employability of the labour force at local and regional levels, greater coherence between the VET and HE offer and increased access to and participation in vocational training.
Lead partner: WYG International Ltd.

EU CARDS. Croatia
September 2007 - February 2009. Adult Learning, Republic of Croatia. AARHUS TECH was lead partner of the project, whose overall objective was to further a modern and flexible concept of adult learning for Croatia in line with the new labour market requirements, the lifelong learning approach and EU best practice examples.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Neighbourhood Programme. Russia
October 2006 - September 2008. Consultancy Services for Labour Market and Skills Development. The project takes place in the Kaliningrad and Pskov regions, and the objectives are to strengthen the tripartite labour market systems in the regions and to restructure vocational education and training in order to meet labour market requirements.
Lead partner: Carl Bro a/s

EU Phare. Bulgaria
December 2006 - November 2007. Technical Assistance for Design and Development of a National Management Unit for Vocational Training of Adults. The objectives are (1) to develop a system for vocational training of adults, (2) develop a methodology for training needs analysis and conduction of training courses, and (3) facilitate the contracting and implementation of an adult training grant scheme.
Lead partner: WYG International Ltd

EU CARDS. Kosovo
September 2006 - March 2009. Technical Assistance for Further Modernization of Kosovo Vocational Education and Training System (VET III). The overall objective is to continue VET system modernisation in the context of Kosovo's need to develop a competitive enterprise economy, with emphasis on providing opportunities for learners to enhance employability and employment/self-employment skills throughout working life. ATC will deliver a substantial short term input in the project.
Lead partner: PEM GmbH, Germany

EU Phare. Romania
July 2006 - March 2008. Technical Assistance to support the National Centre for Staff Training in Pre-University Education (NCTPE). The project objectives are to develop capacities within NCTPE and 16 regional centres to develop and carry out continuing training of teachers and managers, to improve the quality and methodological framework of the in-service training programme, and to support NCTPE in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of grant schemes. ATC provides a key expert in educational standards, policies, and methodologies and a number of short term experts.
Lead partner: WYG International, UK

EU 8th EDF. Botswana
February 2006 - January 2009. Technical Assistance to the Francistown CTVE/VTC Vocational Training Programme. The project aims at developing policies, structures, systems, learning platforms, learning objectives and programmes in relation to the development of e-learning, distance learning and blended learning programmes. ATC provides the Team Leader.
Lead partner: Proman, Luxemburg

EU CARDS. Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nov. 2005 - April 2006. Vertical Review of Labour and Employment Sector in BiH. Comprehensive analysis of the labour and employment service sector in BiH, from policy formulation and strategy, legislation formulation and enactment, to implementation and enforcement. Three ATC experts will carry out the review.
Lead partner: ECOTEC, UK

Danida. Fellowship programme
August - October 2005. 11-week course in Training Management for 18 Danida counterparts from Asia and Africa.

EU MEDA. Syrian Arab Republic
2005 - 2008. Modernisation of Vocational Education and Training, Lot 1: Technical Assistance to the PMU. The specific objective of the project is to improve the responsiveness of VET and labour market systems to the skills needs of both enterprises and individuals in selected branches of industry. AARHUS TECH will provide two key experts, whose main fields of responsibility are sectoral strategy and curriculum development. In addition, there will be a large input of short-term experts.
Lead partner: GFA terra systems GmbH

EU CARDS. Bosnia and Herzegovina
2005 - 2006. Vocational Education and Training System Reform Development. The overall objective of the project is to support economic regeneration of Bosnia and Herzegovina by increasing employment through the further development of the VET system, based on lifelong learning principles. ATC will provide the Team Leader and a number of short term experts.
Lead partner: Aalborg Technical College

Istedod Foundation. Uzbekistan
2005. Training of 25 Uzbek teachers in new teaching methodologies. After completion of a four-week course in Denmark the participants will train a large number of teachers in Uzbekistan.

EU CARDS. Kosovo
2004 - 2006. Technical Assistance for Vocational Education and Training Programme in Kosovo. ATC will provide two key experts: an Institution Building and VET System Management Expert and a Standards and Curriculum Development Expert. The overall objective is to support VET system and labour market information system development. Lead partner: PEM GmbH, Germany.

EU CARDS. Croatia
2004 - 2006. Local Partnership for Employment. The main objectives are to improve labour market knowledge, increase the ability to manage HRD, reduce the unemployment rate, raise awareness of ESF principles and mechanisms among local stakeholders, and raise awareness of ESF rules and procedures among regional HRD policy actors.
Lead partner: BBJ Consult AG, Germany.

Danida. Fellowship programme
2004 - 2005. 11-week Training Management course in Denmark for 20 Danida counterparts from a number of developing countries.

EU Framework Contract. Pakistan
2004. Child Labour Project Formulation Mission in Pakistan. ATC will provide two international and two local experts for the mission, whose objective is to formulate a project for EC support to implement the National Policy and Action Plan to Combat Child Labour.

EU Tacis. Uzbekistan
2004 - 2006. Social Partnership in Education and Training in Uzbekistan. As lead partner ATC will manage this project, whose overall objective is to promote mechanisms and practices for social partnership in training and education. It is the purpose of the project to go beyond the national institutional level to address the concrete strategic interests of stakeholders and in particular enterprises. 

European Training Foundation. Syria
2004. Observatory Function Development in Syria. Participation in kick-off meeting and preparation/implementation of study visit to Denmark. Lead partner: Transtec SA.

EU Leonardo da Vinci programme
2003 - 2006. Mainstreaming Vocational Guidance for Refugees and Migrants. ATC is among the partners of this transnational pilot project, whose main products will be a website containing information for counsellors and refugees/migrants and an online training course for counsellors and others working with refugees and migrants.

Danida. Tanzania
2003 - 2005. Business Sector Programme Support II, Component III: Improved Labour Market. ATC will provide one Labour Dispute Resolution Expert (3 months) and one HRD/Training Advisor (8 months).
Lead partner: COWI A/S, Denmark.

EU Tacis. Uzbekistan
2003. Development of Employment Opportunities in Uzbekistan. Design of labour market survey; training of the staff who were to carry out the survey; recommendations regarding the selection of respondents and the formation and use of Focus Groups. Lead partner: Agriconsulting Europe, Belgium.

Danida. Fellowship programme
11-week Training Management course in Denmark for 20 Danida counterparts from Asia and Africa.

World Bank. Lebanon
2003. Vocational and Technical Education Project - Developing a VTE Sector Strategy. One ATC consultant was responsible for preparing the Inception Report in October 2003.
Lead partners: Tecsult International Ltd, Canada, and Kredo s.a.r.l., Lebanon.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Romania
2003. Training as Preparation for European Social Fund Implementation. Training needs assessment, development and delivery of training of trainers module, supervision of pilot training, development of PCM manual, and preparation of training plan. Clients: The Ministry of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family and the National Agency for Employment. Lead partner: PLS Rambøll Management.

EU Framework Contract. South Africa
2003. Final Evaluation of the Recognition of Prior Learning Project. Evaluation of the design, implementation and results of the RPL Project, which aimed at developing a national system for awarding credits for demonstrated skills in the construction sector, in order to assess its relevance, efficiency, impact and sustainability. Client: EC Delegation and South Africa Construction Education and Training Authority.

EU Framework Contract. Serbia and Montenegro
2003. Formulation of the 2004 Civil Society Programme. Analysis of the current situation in the civil society sector and preparation of a detailed programme proposal, including ToR for the technical assistance, draft guidelines for a call for proposals and recommendations for further action. Client: The European Agency for Reconstruction.

EU Framework Contract. Kosovo
2003. Civil Society Study. Analysis of the current situation of civil society organisations in Kosovo and preparation of Terms of Reference for the civil society strengthening programme to be implemented by the European Agency for Reconstruction in 2004. 

EU Phare Twinning. Romania
2003 - 2005. Solidarity for Continuing Vocational Training. Support to the Ministry of Labour in establishing a national policy for CVT, including e.g. training needs assessment, analysis of the present CVT system and recommendations for improvements, training of trainers, and creation of stakeholder awareness and commitment. Provision of team leader and a number of STEs.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Latvia
2003. Support to Active Labour Market Initiatives in Accordance with the National Employment Strategies. Participation in inception phase and the component of VET management.

EU Framework Contract. Latvia
2003. Technical Assistance for Gap Closing on Human Resources Development and Training in National Fund Services and in the two ISPA Implementing Agencies in Latvia. Capacity development in HRD and training needs assessment, assistance in training needs assessment, development of HRD and training plans, and development and implementation of staff training courses.

EU Framework Contract. Kosovo
2003. Employment Regeneration Programme - Kosovo 2003. Analysis of current employment situation, recommendations for future actions and preparation of Terms of Reference for Technical Assistance.

Nordic Development Fund. Sri Lanka
2003. Technical assistance for the Skills Development Project. A 10-month consultancy of a Competency Based Training specialist in the development of CBT programmes, TNA and teacher training.

Asian Development Bank. Uzbekistan
2003. Senior Secondary Education Project. Identification, specification and costing of the equipment required to deliver adequate education and training in electronics and aviation subjects.
Lead partner: Cambridge Education Consultants, UK.

EU Sokrates programme
2002 - 2004. OLTA - Open Learning to All. ATC is one of the partners of the transnational pilot project, which aims at bringing software designers and educationalists together to develop e-learning tools for adults and youngsters with difficulty in reading and numeracy.

EU. Turkey
2002 - 2007. Strengthening Vocational Education and Training System, Turkey. Assistance to the Turkish Government through the Ministry of National Education.

Danida. Eritrea
2002 - 2005. Technical assistance for the TVET Support Programme. Development of curricula. Technical and pedagogical teacher training within three trades.

EU Framework Contract. Egypt
2002 - 2003. Identification Mission for Poverty Reduction in Egypt/Feasibility Study of Vulnerable Children Programme. Analysis of the main characteristics of poverty in Egypt and the macro-economic policies that address it. Proposals for possible areas of EU support and preparation of ToR for a feasibility study. Implementation of the feasibility study.

Danida. Vietnam
2002 - 2003. Support to vocational schools in the Mekong Delta - Vietnam. Assistance for development and implementation of a preventive maintenance course for trainers at vocational schools servicing the ferry industry sector.

EU CARDS. Bosnia Herzegovina
2002 - 2004. Vocational Education and Training Programme, BiH. ATC has provided the Team Leader and four short term experts rendering the following services: training in labour market analysis and preparation of labour market survey; procurement of equipment; workshop on market oriented training; policy and strategy development in relation to school autonomy.
Lead partner: Aalborg Technical College.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danish Democracy Fund. Uzbekistan
2002. A delegation representing the VET institutions, development agencies and ministries in Uzbekistan on a one-week study tour to Denmark.

Danida. Kosovo
2001 - 2002. Technical assistance for the Danida project "Urban Solid Waste Management System for the Town Mitrovica, Phase 2 (USWMS)". Assessment of landfill workshops and development of training and maintenance manuals.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danish Democracy Fund. Serbia
2001. Study visit under the programme "The Serbian VET-system on the threshold of Change".

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danish Democracy Fund. (Macedonia)
2001. Familiarisation with the Danish Vet system, stakeholder involvement, relationship ministry/schools and learning methodology.

Asian Development Bank. Uzbekistan
2000-2001. TA support to Interim Review of the Senior Secondary Education System in Uzbekistan.

EU-Phare. Bosnia Herzogovina
2000 - 2001. TA support to and project management of VET bridging Programme in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida. South Africa
2000-2001. Development of learner ships and skills programmes for retrenched and unemployed in establishing SME's. Short term expert in the field of curricula development and teacher training.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida. Nepal
2000-2001. Support to rural electrification project. Training of trainers in establishing electricity user co-operatives.

EU - CDI. Papua New Guinea
2000. Support to Curriculum Development and training of trainers within the field of furniture design.

EU Phare. Romania
2000. Technical assistance for Romanian Educational Programme - Curriculum Development within the field of quality. Team Leader to the Programme.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danish Democracy Fund. Croatia
2000. Danish contribution to an in-depth preparation of an up-coming reform of the Croatian National VET System - within emphasis on access to education and close links to the Labour market. Study Visit to Denmark of a Croatian Delegation. Participants from different Ministries in Croatia.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida. Fellowship Programmes
2000 - 2002. Three fellowship programmes of 3 months duration each. Management Training

EU PHARE. Phare Integrated VET Reform - School Partnerships. Macedonia
2000. Provide the administrative and logistical support, technical support.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs /Danida. Fellowship Programme
2000. Fellowship programme for teachers from Zambian VET.

World Bank. Support to Reform of Post Secondary Training in Hungary
1998-2001. Development of curricula within 3 job families. Training of school managers, training of VET instructors.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Danida. PS-Programme. Uganda
1999 - 2000. 4 projects within wood processing industry.

EU. Phare support for Reform of Vocational Sector in Macedonia
1998-2001. Reform of vocational sector. Team leader to PMU

EU. Tacis support for Reform of Vocational Sector in Moldova
1998 - 2000. Reform of vocational system. Teacher training. Management training. Development of curricula.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Danida. PS-Programme. Vietnam
1999. Ministry of Transport. Management Training.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Danida. Pihl and Son. Burkina Faso
1999. Work shop for managers within Building & Construction.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Danida. Mozambique Electrification Sector
1999. Training of HRD manager in Training Assessment 

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Danida. PS-Programme Ghana
1999 Upgrading of training organisation towards becoming a delivery centre for the Cambridge Diploma in Project Management. MDPI

EU. Phare support for Reform of Vocational Sector in Bosnia
1998-2001. Reform of vocational sector. Team leader to PMU.

EU TACIS Ministry of Labour & Social Development
1997-1999. Up-grading the Capabilities and Efficiency of the Russian Federation. Human Resource Development Training.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida. Support to VETA (Vocational Education and Training Authority, Tanzania
1997. Development of new training system. Development of curricula within vocational trades. Training of teachers.

EC Support for Human Resource Planning and Capacity Building for the South Africa Department of Labour
1996 - 97. Project preparation, evaluation and planning workshops. Development of a framework programme for pilot programmes for targeted training and development of a financing proposal for EC support for implementation of pilot projects.

The DANIDA Private Sector Programme for Ghana, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Egypt, India and Vietnam
1996- . DANIDA. In co-operation with the Danish Federation of Small Industries and Kampsax International. Assistance to enterprises, DANIDA country co-ordinators and organisations and authorities in the recipient countries on identification of partner enterprises and establishment of conditions for co-operation.

Management Development Programme for the Sulana Joint Venture in Ghana
1996 -. DANIDA/Intertec a/s/Sulana Electrification Company. Development, planning, management and implementation of a management development programme for a Danish-Ghanaian joint venture within the electricity supply and distribution sector, Ghana.

Project-Related Human Resource Development Programmes in Ghana
1997- . DANIDA. Development, preparation and implementation of training courses in Ghana in co-operation with Ghanaian training institution partners.

Development Programme Planning for Selected Regions in Tanzania

1996 - . Irish Aid. Planning, management and implementation of a number of planning workshops for Irish Aid assistance to the development of the districts of Ulanga and Kilosa, Morogoro region, Tanzania.

Technology Transfer and Training in International Joint-Ventures within the Windmill Manufacturing Industry
1996. Vestas, Denmark. Analysis of human resource planning, management and development needs and activities in relation to joint venture production of windmill blades between Vestas and a Spanish partner.

Environmental Improvements in Wood Processing Enterprises, Malaysia
1996 - 1998, Danced. Forestry Research Institute of Malaysia and Malaysian wood processing enterprises. Planning, implementation and overall project responsibility for the project covering sub-projects on wood impregnation, solid waste management and occupational safety and health.

Owen Falls Transmission Line and Switchyard, Uganda
1996 - 1998, Danida. Planning and implementation of training component. Training of UEB staff in design, planning, construction and maintenance of transmission lines and sub-stations.

CR Engineering, Fiji
1996, CID, Bruxelles. Training of general and technical management.

Institutional Strengthening of Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Malaysia
1995 - 96, Danced. Training needs assessment, planning and implementation of course programme for management staff of Department of Wildlife and National Parks as well as project formulation of subsequent phase.

EU Phare. Programme of Vocational Education and Training Reform through Pilot Schools, Czech Republic
1995-1997, Long term technical adviser to the programme.

EU Phare. Post-Secondary Vocational Training System Project, Bulgaria
1995 Technical assistance on preparation of policies, strategy and programmes for post secondary vocational training and of a National Programme for PSVT to include training.

EC. Project Cycle Management, Inter-Regional
1995 - 1997. Strengthening project cycle management methods within the European Commission (DGVIII and I N/S), EU member states, ACP countries and ALA countries.

Vocational Training and Labour Market Strategy, Greenland
1996, Municipality of Nuuk. Facilitation of participatory formulation of vocational training and labour market strategy for the municipality of Nuuk.

Transmission Line Singida Arusha, Tanzania
1995 - 1997, Danida. Planning and implementation of training component. Training of TANESCO staff in design, planning, construction and maintenance of transmission lines and sub-stations.

Bridging for Vocational Education and Training Reform, Lithuania
1995, Phare, EU. Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Education and Science to ensure start-up of a Phare supported 3 year programme for 3 MECU

Danida Water Project, Tanzania
1995, Danida. Planning of training for ward facilitators in follow-up on operations and maintenance of village water supply schemes.

Small Enterprise Development, Kazakhstan
1994 - 96, International Labour Organisation, Formulation of business management component and implementation and review of Small Businesses Training of Trainers course.

Vocational Education Reform, Laos
1994 - 96, EU Commission/DG I. Advisory services and management training for pilot project towards a reform of the Laotian vocational education system.

Social Safety Net, Georgia
1994 - 95, TACIS. EU Commission. Labour Market Training Centres design. Development and implementation of adult training and retraining programmes.

Production Training Centres III, Indonesia
1993 - 96, Danida. Sector Programme Related assistance to the furniture industry in Indonesia with the support from the Ministry of Manpower. Training centres in Jabotabek/Jakarta, Banjarbaru, Medan and Surabaya.

Training of Trainers in the Vocational Education System, Poland
1993-1994, Danish Bilateral Funding. Planning and implementation of three seminars on modern vocational teaching methodology, including project oriented training, for representatives of CODN and Polish vocational schools.

Technical Assistance to the Programme Management Unit of the Employment and Social Development Programme, Hungary
1993 - 97, Phare. EU Commission. Reform of management and curricula in 20 Hungarian vocational schools and assistance to the development of educational programmes for disadvantaged youth.

Review of Vocational and Higher Education Project Programme, Nigeria
1993, EU Commission Lomé 5. Review of indicative country programme for investment in vocational and higher education in Ni-geria.

Manpower Demand Forecasting, China
1992, World Bank/Ohio State University. Training needs analysis and training design programme for training institutions owned by the electronics industry in Southern provinces of China.

Danida Policy Paper on Vocational and Technical Education and Training, Denmark
1992-1993, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Consultancy services on the development of a revised Danida policy.

Human Resources Project, Youth Training Component, Hungary
1992-96, World Bank/DHV Holland. Reform of vocational education policy structures and of 15 job family curricula.

Regional Training Centres, India
1992, Danida/Indian Cement Industry. Training of Training Centre Managers and other key staff.

Teacher Training, Secondary Vocational Schools, China

1992, World Bank/Ohio State University. Training of Teachers and Training Managers.

Training of key staff, Food Processing Equipment Industry, St. Petersburg, Russia
1992-1993, Danish Government Fund. Training of middle management within the conversion industries in St. Petersburg.

Training of Business Consultants, West - Viru County, Estonia
1993, Danish Government Fund for Central and Eastern Europe. Training of business trainers and implementation of pilot programme.

Port Management Training, Sct. Petersburg, Russia
1992-1993, EEC TACIS/EUROSKILL. Management development programme development and implementation.

Transport Management Development, Russia
1992, EEC TACIS/EUROSKILL. Training of trainers for the transport sector including sea, road and rail transport.

Airport Maintenance Training Programme, Maputo, Mozambique
1992, Danida. Training of trainers and maintenance personnel.

Production Training Centre, Printing Industry, Lithuania
1992-, Danish Government Fund for Central and Eastern Europe. Feasibility study on potential income-generating activities within training institutions related to the printing industry.

Management Training, Furniture Industry, Suva, Fiji

1992-, CID, Bruxelles. Training of general management.

Production Training Centres II, Indonesia
1992-, Danida/Ministry of Manpower, Indonesia Continuation of project mentioned below.

Technical/Vocational Education and Training, Trinidad Tobago
1991, Inter American Development Bank/Crown Agents. Feasibility study on vocational education reform project.

Production Training Centres I, Indonesia
1990-1992, Danida. Implementation of pilot project including two Production Training Centres. Banjarbaru and Surabaya, Indonesia.

Computerized Maintenance System, Kenya
1990, B&K International/Danida. Development and implementation of Computerized Maintenance System at Kenya Cooperative Creameries, Kenya.

Feasibility Study on Fisheries Schools, Indonesia
1990, Kampsax International/Danida. Assessment of present facilities, recommendations on organisational design, teacher training, selection of trainees and teaching aids for three fisheries schools in Indonesia.

Feasibility Study on Meat Processing Schools, Indonesia
1990, Kampsax International/Danida. Manpower planning, recommendation on institutional set-up, teacher training, curriculum development, and recruitment procedures.

Municipal Training Centre, Turkey
1989-90, The World Bank. Establishment and implementation of training evaluation system for municipal training programmes in the Adana region.

Preparation of Production Training Centres, Indonesia
1988, The World Bank. Preparation for establishment of six Production Training Centres in Indonesia with the overall perspective of training people for self-employment and self-reliance through trainee-manufactured products.

Technical Adviser, Kenya
1988, B&K International/Danida. Provided technical adviser to an appraisal mission to Kenya on occupational analysis and training needs assessment within Kenya Cooperative Creameries.

Electronics/Automatics Training, Tanzania
1987, Danida. Development of curricula and training materials for national programmes in electronics and automatics in Tanzania, and management of equipment procurement.

Dairy Training, Kenya
1984-86, FAO. Assisting FAO with technical adviser attached to the FAO Dairy Training Team in Kenya.

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