AARHUS TECH International services

Our main fields of expertise are vocational education and training (VET), continuing vocational training (CVT), and human resource development in a lifelong learning framework. We primarily work with donor-financed projects, but we also assist private companies and public organisations with HRD and tailor-made training. Our services include:

  • Project management and administration;
  • Support to VET and CVT system reform;
  • Development of VET and CVT policies, strategies, and action plans;
  • Drafting of VET and CVT legislation in a lifelong learning perspective;
  • Institution building, including recommendations for financing models;
  • Capacity building on local, regional and central level, including the planning and implementation of in-service training programmes for managers, teachers, and other staff members, and organisation of seminars, workshops, and study visits;
  • Facilitation of social partnership in education and training;
  • Development of training needs assessment (TNA) methodology, conduction of TNA, and collation/analysis of the results;
  • Development of national qualification frameworks and standards;
  • Development and updating of curricula on the basis of current and expected labour market demands, including the development of overall methodology and structure, clustering of training and education programmes into job families, and development of evaluation and assessment methods;
  • Design of teaching and learning material;
  • Organisation and implementation of teacher training programmes including training of trainers;
  • Development of guidance and counselling programmes and systems;
  • Development of VET management and information databases;
  • Procurement of equipment for education and training;
  • Facilitation of partnerships for employment;
  • Development of active labour market measures, e.g. training programmes for adults having a short formal education;
  • Development of labour market information systems;
  • Training in LFA and project management;
  • Support to project design and implementation according to ESF principles.

Our approach is based on a highly participatory methodology in terms of stakeholder participation and ownership both in regard to project process and project results.

Another important characteristic of our approach is that it is practise-based and bottom-up oriented. Drawing on the hands-on experience of AARHUS TECH as a leading Danish supplier of a wide range of VET and CVT services, we always focus on enabling the end users to take maximum benefit of our services and achieve the highest degree of sustainability.

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