AARHUS TECH is an independent institution with a board. The school is associated with the local business community and the field of industry which the school covers. Employer and employee representatives are equally represented in the board.


AARHUS TECH is situated in Aarhus - the second largest city in Denmark. With three main campuses and comprehensive education and training programmes the college is a very noticeable part of Aarhus.

AARHUS TECH was founded in 1828 and is one of the largest vocational education and training institutions in Denmark. The college has a long tradition of servicing the private and public sector by offering flexible education and training programmes and courses within a wide variety of occupations at different levels.

Governance and financing

Like all other Danish vocational colleges, AARHUS TECH is a self-governing, non-profit institution with a long tradition of involving the social partners at all levels of management and training provision. A governing board with equal representation of local employers' associations and trade unions is overall responsible for the college management, and the social partners are also represented in a large number of local training committees advising the college on the provision of education programmes and courses to ensure that they meet the needs of the local/regional labour market.

The main part of our activities is governed by a legal framework that has been developed in consultation with the social partners and issued by the Ministry of Education. AARHUS TECH is financed through a per student state grant system and through income generating activities.

Facts and figures

No. of employees: 500
Teaching staff: 350
No. of students: (full-year) 3,600
Annual turnover: 52,901,292 EUR (2011)

Main activity areas

  • Initial vocational education and training (VET) is offered as apprenticeship programmes following the dual training principle. AARHUS TECH offers nine entrances each leading to a large of number of occupational specialisations. For further information about the Danish VET system please see the website of the Danish Ministry of Education.
  • Undergraduate study programmes at Business Academy Aarhus, AARHUS TECH. Studies in an international environment with students from about 20 different countries.
  • Upper secondary technical programmes in technology, design and construction.
  • Adult education and continuing training programmes in a wide range of general and technical subjects.

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