Vocational Education and Training

The Danish vocational education and training programmes (VET) are alternating or sandwich-type programmes, where practical training in a company alternates with teaching at a vocational college.

Vocational educations consist of a basic and a main programme and takes between 1½ and 5 years

The basic course is flexible in duration and depends on the individual student's prior qualifications and ambitions. The length of a basic course is between 20 to 40 weeks.

Thie basic course is followed by the main course or VET-programme, which is based on an alternating principle. This typically takes 3 - 3½ years, but can be shorter or longer for certain programmes (from 1½ and up to 5 years).

The student must enter into a training agreement with a company approved by the social partners (a confederation of representatives of employers and employees) in order to accomplish the main programme. The agreement can cover all or parts of the basic course, but is compulsory for the main course.

Students can also accomplish the education having a work contract with a company abroad. The company should then be approved by the school.

Students can combine VET and general upper secondary qualification in EUX

The national structure for vocational educations

Nationally the basic programmes are gathered in 12 vocational clusters leading to the related vocational programmes.

The basic programmes gives access to around 111 vocational education and training  programmes, each of which can lead to a number of vocational specialisations.

AARHUS TECH provides 9 of the 12 national clusters and around 35 of the related vocational programmes and their respective vocational specialisations.

Basic Clusters provided by AARHUS TECH

  • Motor vehicle, aircraft and other means of transportation
  • Building and construction
  • Construction and user service
  • Body and style
  • Human food
  • Media production
  • Production and development
  • Electricity, management and IT
  • Transport and logistics

Basic clusters provided by other schools

  • Business
  • Health, care and pedagogy 
  • Animals, plants and nature


You can find more information about the danish vocational education and training system at Ministry of Education 

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