International opportunities for students

We live in a globalized world. We know that a lot of our students will work with colleagues or have customers from other parts of the world. Some might wish to work abroad themselves. We prepare our students for a global future.

We are active in developing the competences for the global labour market of the future (from the strategy of AARHUS TECH)

All educations at AARHUS TECH aim at developing the international competences of the students. That is done in different ways depending on the education, industry and the international relations we have.

We cooperate on EU and Nordic projects in all 10 vocational departments and are always looking for learning opportunities for students and staff


Student mobilities

We cooperate with a large number of VET school in Europe. Approximately 75 students from AARHUS TECH take part in a 3 or 4 weeks program organised by one of our partners. Most often, it is a combination of school and work placement. We also receive a growing number of exchange students in AARHUS TECH.


Work placement all over the world

As part of the Danish VET law student can choose a work placement in a company abroad. The Danish PIU system ensures that the work placement is recognised and validated into the Danish VET education.

10 to 20 students from AARHUS TECH take their work placement in a company abroad. We are always interested in cooperating with companies interested in Danish VET-students.

Danish companies can also choose to station their students abroad during their placement. In both cases the Danish PIU system provides financial support to either the student or the Danish employer.


Internationalisation at home

You do not have to travel around the world to achieve international competences. In cooperation with other vocational schools in our region we focus on developing approaches, activities and material which integrate an international perspective in the day-to-day teaching.


One example of an activity is inviting a polish carpenter working in a large construction site in Aarhus to share his story and experience with education in Poland and work in Denmark.

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