Vocational Educations at AARHUS TECH

AARHUS TECH is organised in 10 vocational departments to optimize the cooperation with industries. The vocational departments vary a bit from the national clusters for the basic courses.

1800 students start a vocational education at AARHUS TECH every year. The majority in August.

Each centre has a close contact and good cooperation with the respective industry. This is crucial to ensure that all educations meet the needs for competences of the trade. Each centre also represents the unique culture and tradition of the respective trades.
All centres also provide continuing training courses based on the need and demand of the industry.

A tour around the schools premises is also a tour in work cultures and traditions.

Departments and vocational educations at AARHUS TECH

Centre for Transport and Logistics 

Educations: Warehouse & Logistics Operators, Bus Drivers, Heavy goods vehicle drivers

Centre profile: app. 180 students between 17-30 years old, majority male. 21 staff members.

Centre for Hairdressing and Styling

Education: Hairdressers

Centre profile: app

Centre for Food and Gastronomy

Educations: Chefs, Caterers, Catering assistants (initial course), Waiters (initial course) and Retail butchers

Centre profile: app 300 students between 17-25 years, equal number of male and female students. 31 staff members.

Centre for Technical Installation

Educations: Electricians, Plumbers and Energy system specialists, EUX Electricians and EUX Energy system specialist

Centre profile: app 190 students between 17-25 years, majority male. 18 staff members.

Centre for IT Technology and Innovation

Educations: Data Technicians, Electronics Technicians, IT-Supporter, EUX Data technician and EUX Electronics Technicians

Centre profile: app 190 students between 17-35 years, majority male. 21 staff members.

Centre for Facility Services

Educations: Property maintenance assistants, Hospital service assistants, Service assistants, Security guards

Centre profile: app 250 students, for security guards and property maintenance assistants the majority are male, for service assistants the majority are female. 24 staff members.

Centre for Metal Processing and Development

Educations: Industrial Technicians Sheet metalworker, Metalworkers specializing in aluminium, Welders, Technical designers, EUX Industrial Technicians and EUX Metalworkers

Centre profile: app. 150 students, majority male. 21 staff members.

Centre for Culture and Visual Communication

Educations: Media Graphic Designers, Web Integrators (initial course), Theatre and exhibition technician

Centre profile: app

Centre for Automotive Technology

Educations: Mechanics, EUX Mechanics

Centre profile: app 225 students, average age at basic course is 17-18 years, almost 100% male students. 22 staff members.

Centre for Building and Construction

Educations: Concreters, Civil Construction Worker, Pavers, Wall, ceiling and unit installers, Painter & Decorators, Bricklayers, Carpenters, EUX Bricklayers, EUX Carpenters, EUX Concreters

Centre profile: app 440 students between 17- 26 years per year, majority male. 53 staff members.



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